Assembly Automation

Ginolis is a leading provider of automated solutions for the manufacture and assembly of medical devices and diagnostics.  The company specializes in compact modular solutions that provide cost effective production of high quality products.

Micro Assembly                          

Ginolis designs, develops and manufacturers customized solutions for the automated processing and assembly of micro components. Customized solutions are based on the company's modular Delilah, Xanthia and Savannah robotic platforms.

Lateral Flow Device Assembly 

The revolutionary LFDA-3 provides rapid test manufacturers flexible production capacity within a desktop footprint. Machine vision guidance and quality control makes it possible to assemble multiple test devices on the same system.

Quality Control                           

Ginolis provides both inline and stand alone quality control solutions for the medical device industry utilizing automated vision control, statistical process control (SPC), traceability and Line Confocal Imaging (LCI).


Highly experienced and skilled Ginolis team members are ready to help bring your product from the design phase to market with our comprehensive service offering.