Case studies

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland & PrintoCent

PrintoCent Innovation Center commercializes the research results of Printed Intelligence and Optical Measurements.

Ginolis provided VTT and the PrintoCent Pilot Factory a roll-to-roll (R2R) compatible dispensing system with the Delilah dispensing robot and patented PMB dispensing pumps. Watch video.


Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.  

Tandem Diabetes Care is a medical technology company dedicated to advancing the management of diabetes through novel technologies.

Ginolis delivered an automated manufacturing solution, which is used to manufacture a component of the t:slim® Insulin Pump. Watch video.

Fiomi Diagnostics AB    

Fiomi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trinity Biotech plc. and developer of POC quick tests for emergency medicine.

Ginolis designed and manufactured a desktop automation line that accurately and rapidly dispenses reagents onto the test device and verifies the result with machine vision QC. Watch video.

Scibase AB                      

Scibase, a Swedish medical technology company, has developed a unique point of care device for the accurate detection of malignant melanoma.

Ginolis partnered with Scibase to develop a new cost efficient production method for the Malignant Melanoma Sensor. Read more.



Automated Coating Solution for Plastic Capillary Tubes

The automated coating line applies a hydrophilic solution to a small plastic capillary tube used for collecting blood from a patient.

The solution is cured with UV light and the process is verified using automated visual inspection.  Read more.

Cuvette Sealer                 

The compact semiautomatic Cuvette Sealer is an assembly cell to place and heat-bond aluminum foil to cuvettes.

The sealer adjusts the foil on top of cuvettes, presses and heats the foil and finally separates cuvettes from each other by cutting. Read more.

Dispensing Solution for Microfluidic Device Manufacturing

Ginolis developed an elegant and cost efficient dispensing solution for microfluidic devices using the Delilah™ robotic platform and patented Piezo motor actuated bellows pumps, Ginolis PMB™.

The dispensing solution satisfies even the most demanding manufacturing requirements in terms of dispensing speed and precision. Read more.