Dispensing & Printing

Ginolis specializes in high precision non-contact dispensing and printing solutions. From standard products to fully customized systems, Ginolis provides innovative solutions based on its modular automation platforms and patented PMB pump technology.

Pump Technology          

Ginolis uses it's patented Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump technology for extremely accurate non-contact dispensing. The PMB pump can dispense all the way from 1000 µl down to single nano-liters. The pump is available in two volume ranges.

Cecilia Dispener             

The Ginolis Cecilia dispenser is a non-contact dispensing platform suitable for on-the-fly spotting, array printing and research purposes. Cecilia delivers high precision dispensing in a small desktop footprint.

Custom Dispensing and Printing Solutions        

Ginolis designs, develops and builds custom liquid handling solutions a based on its Delilah and Xanthia automation platforms and patented PMB pump technology. Typical applications include reagent dispensing, array printing and surface treatment.  


Highly experienced and skilled Ginolis team members are ready to help bring your product from design to market with our comprehensive service offering.