Highly experienced and skilled Ginolis team members are ready to help bring your product from design to market with our comprehensive service offering.

Design for Automation

Ginolis provides design support to ensure medical device and diagnostic designs are automation ready.  Being able to identify and correct downstream issues will lead to a reduction in cycle time, higher quality products and lower development and manufacturing costs.

Feasibility Studies

Ginolis prides itself on finding innovative solutions for technically challenging problems. Working together with customer, proposed solutions are evaluated through feasibility studies to validate processes.


Every Ginolis automation solution comes with complete technical documentation. Ginolis also offers documentation support to optimize the validation and qualification processes. The aim is working together with each customer to reduce the cost, time, and effort required to bring automation solution to full production readiness.

Technical Support

Our technical service experts provide fast and timely remote diagnosis and support. We aim to provide quick troubleshooting to ensure smooth production with minimal downtime. Ginolis technical support also includes comprehensive warranty, maintenance and service agreements, including spare part inventory.