Micro Assembly

Diagnostics manufacturing demands precision. Ginolis’ automation solutions provide high quality assurance and precision through machine vision guidance and inline quality control.

Ginolis designs, develops and manufactures customized solutions for a wide variety of production applications utilizing the company's  Delilah, Savannah and Xanthia robotic platforms. Ginolis prides itself on finding innovative solutions for even the most technical problems.  


Bulk / Component Feeders

  • Feeders and cell-to-cell transfer are integrated into assembly cells to ensure smooth transition and superior cycle times.

Machine Vision

  • Automated visual inspection with cameras, optics and sensors for robot guidance and inline quality control.


  • Accurate and precise bonding processes including ultrasonic, laser welding and various adhesives.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Real-time scientific, data-driven quality analysis for monitoring, controlling and improving processes.


  • Inkjet and laser marking or labeling with readers. Each solution is integrated with related software and interfacing. 

Ginger Software Platform

Every Ginolis automated solution is controlled using proprietary Ginger software. Ginger is an easy-to-use software solution designed specifically for desktop automation. Centralized machine vision and an intuitive user interface provides users with process guidance, critical alerts and real-time status information.