Ginolis Pixie

Ginolis Pixie is Line Confocal Imaging technology. It is a 3D imaging technology that combines the world’s highest levels of accuracy with exceptional measuring speed.


Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology enables 2D and 3D measurement of various stationary and moving surfaces at a very high resolution. Utilizing a complex optical arrangement, involving an emitting white light, sensors transmitter and sensor receiver, LCI technology can measure 2048 points simultaneously at a maximum speed of 2500 lines per second (2.5kHz). 


  • SPEED: 

    Measures up to 10 million points a second. Line Confocal Imaging combines the world’s highest levels of accuracy with exceptional measuring speed.


    It is the only non-contact technology that is able to measure submicron dimensions on moving items. On-line measurement without any interruption to the production line.

    LCI technology is able to measure challenging materials and shapes such as glossy, matte, transparent and all surface colors.

    Measurement heads are robust and they perform well in most manufacturing conditions.

    LCI technology now allows you to test medical device packages for security and sterility without having to destroy them.


LCI sensors can be used to measure assembly tolerances, clearances, gaps and offsets, roughness, thickness, step height, diameter, positioning, flatness or burr height. Typical applications include:

  • Tomographic measurement of seal integrity for pharmaceuticals and medical packaging
  • 3D measurement and profiling of microfluidic devices
  • Surface topography of printed bio sensors
  • Thickness measurement of transparent components and materials