Ginolis Delilah Rotary Table

Highly repeatable and precise rotary table for the Delilah automation platform

Ginolis Rotary Table is a versatile and customizable module compatible with the Delilah automation platform. Combined with the Delilah robotic cell, the rotation table is an excellent option for controlled and accurate component feeding and various indexing needs.

The rotary table provides a flexible number of stations for accurate and repeatable applications. The number of stations available on the rotation table is dependent on the area requirement for each application. The standard Ginolis Rotary Table fits six micro-titer plates and can handle all standard sized plates (48 to 1536) with or without lids.

The Rotary Table can be customized for numerous applications, such as custom component loading, unloading, storage, drying and UV curing. A Z-axis manipulator which reaches outside the product envelope can be incorporated to aid in component placement and handling.

Delilah Rotary Table can be modified for various applications.

The Ginolis Rotary Table surfaces are made of glass and aluminum, making them very easy to clean and tolerate the use of all typical cleaning detergents and methods.

Delilah Rotary Table as part of automated Delilah manufacturing line.

The easy modification and upgrading possibility of Delilah platform supports the “build as you go” approach and providers freedom and flexibility to make necessary modifications and changes in processes. The Rotary Table and Delilah platform is operated and managed using a touch screen user interface with real time status information. The graphical user interface is easy to use and informative.