Ginolis Cecilia Dispenser

The Cecilia dispenser is a high precision non-contact dispensing platform.

Cecilia is suitable for on-the-fly spotting and array printing, R&D production and research purposes. The Cecilia dispenser delivers high precision and accuracy within a compact desktop module.

Equipped with up to four Ginolis PMB dispensing pumps, the platform offers smooth and consistent dispensing of reagents and fluids. The PMB dispensing pumps allow you to dispense all the way from 1000 µl down to single nano-liters with the same pump.

The Cecilia dispenser is suitable for academic and R&D environments. The application table can be customized to fit microtiter plates, glass slides or other custom applications. 

Cecilia is controlled with the easy-to-use and intuitive Ginger software platform. Users receive process guidance, critical alerts, notifications and real-time status information.