Ginolis Delilah Automation Platform

Delilah is a multifunctional automation platform for diagnostic test manufacturing and laboratory processes.

Ginolis Delilah increases process productivity by introducing multi-functional high accuracy operation with the world’s smallest footprint. The compact size gives its users significant cost saving in clean room operation. The Delilah platform can be used as a stand-alone device or part of a 100% fully robotic automation solution.
To ensure flawless and high-quality operation, versatile machine vision systems are available for accurate positioning and quality control.

By simply by inserting tooling that matches specific customer application requirements, the Delilah robotic cell can perform many versatile tasks. Tooling accessories include grippers for micro-titer plates and their lids, test tubes, lateral flow strips and cassettes.

The easy modification and upgrading possibility of Delilah supports the “build as you go” approach and providers freedom and flexibility to make necessary modifications and changes in processes. The Delilah robot is well versed for lab automation, dispensing and printing applications.  


Ginger Software Platform

Ginolis’s automated solutions are controlled with proprietary Ginger software. Ginger is an easy-to-use and scalable solution designed specifically for desktop automation. Centralized machine vision and an intuitive user interface provides users with process guidance, critical alerts and real-time status information.