Ginolis Dispensing Technology

Ginolis’s extremely accurate and maintenance free liquid handling devices include the patented EMB and PMB pumps. Both are high percision non-contact dispensing devices.

Ginolis PMB Dispensing Pumps

PMB Dispensing Pump

The Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pumps offer a more precise dispensing solution. PMB liquid handling devices allow you to dispense all the way from 1000 µl down to single nano-liters with the same pump.

The PMB pumps is actuated by means of a piezo electric motor. In one aspiration, a PMB 1500 pump can dispense 30000 drops with a volume of 50 nl and %CV < 3. Dispensing volumes below 5 nl are feasible.

Ginolis EMB Dispensing Pump

EMB Dispensing Pump

The Electro Magnetic Bellows (EMB) pumps can handle all reagents including cells and beads. They have automatic tip clot detection based on a fluid path integrated pressure sensor. The bellows are actuated by a voice coil solution.

The EMB has the advantage of completely silent operation. EMB pumps are available in two different bellow configurations.


All Ginolis dispensing pumps share the same mechanical interface and operation is done wirelessly by Tablet PC. This gives you the opportunity to optimize the dispensing solution without any major re-engineering.


The PMB dispensing pump is now available in an easy-to-use starter kit. The starter kit includes control laptop, degasser, tubing, valves and tips.  Optional upgrades include travel case, drop verification camera and backlight. Starter kit is available online or by contacting