Ginolis Savannah Automation Platform

Savannah is a modular desktop platform for precision micro-assembly automation.

Ginolis Savannah A3
Savannah’s modular design offers flexibility and precision with a wide range of adaptable applications for both in-line and off-line processes. The platform is fast, accurate and reliable, with only a 0.2m2 footprint.

Machine guided vision is utilized to ensure flawless operation and accurate positioning. The assembly includes several feeder options, dual and single grippers, linear servo manipulator and integrated quality control.

The platform can be utilized for a broad range of applications, such as pick and place assembly, glue dispensing, UV curing, plasma treatment and screw inserting.

A touch screen user interface provides real time status information. The Savannah is an excellent automation solution for the production of medical devices and disposables, including point-of-care diagnostics. The Savannah platform comes in two models, the Savannah 3 and Savannah 4, which are differentiated by their footprint size. 

Ginger Software Platform

Ginolis’s automated solutions are controlled with proprietary Ginger software. Ginger is an easy-to-use and scalable solution designed specifically for desktop automation. Centralized machine vision and an intuitive user interface provides users with process guidance, critical alerts and real-time status information.