Quality Control

Reliable and accurate high speed solutions. Ginolis’ quality control and traceability systems utilize the latest measurement technology for high standards of quality assurance.

Ginolis delivers both stand-alone and inline quality control test systems that will validate product specifications and quality. From statistical process control (SPC) to line confocal imaging, Ginolis utilizes a broad range of technologies to ensure total confidence in its systems.

Comprehensive quality control systems are available for the modular Delilah, Xanthia and Savannah automation platforms.


Machine vision

  • Automated visual inspection with cameras, optics and sensors for robot guidance and inline quality control.

Line Confocal Imaging (LCI)

  • The patented LCI technology facilitates quality control, productivity, and laboratory level accuracy in a demanding automated manufacturing environment.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Real-time scientific, data-driven quality analysis for monitoring, controlling and improving processes.


  • Inkjet and laser marking or labelling with readers. Each solution is integrated with related software and interfacing.

Clean Room

  • Automated solutions can be configured to adhere to different level Clean Room Class requirements. 

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