Ginolis Xanthia Automation Platform

Xanthia is a modular automation platform for the precision assembly of handheld medical devices and diagnostics.

Xanthia can be customized for a wide range of assembly needs with standard application modules for bulk feeders, strip cutting, component placement, press units, quality control, line confocal imaging, glue dispensing and UV curing.

The Xanthia platform offers fast, accurate and precise operation within a desktop footprint. The platform is available in two models, the Xanthia 700 and 350, which are differentiated by their footprint size.

Machine Vision

The Xanthia automation platform utilizes a comprehensive machine vision system. Vision guided infeed, placement and quality control ensure consistent high quality processes. The machine vision system and Ginger Software provide operators real-time status information and feedback.

Intelligent Transfer Unit system

Xanthia employs the Ginolis Intelligent Transfer Unit system. The multi-functional transfer system utilizes magnetized carriers to move components along a glass platform. The easy to clean and maintain system promotes a clean environment vital for medical device and diagnostics assembly.

Ginger Software Platform

Ginolis’s automated solutions are controlled with proprietary Ginger software. Ginger is an easy-to-use and scalable solution designed specifically for desktop automation. Centralized machine vision and an intuitive user interface provides users with process guidance, critical alerts and real-time status information.