Ginolis provides automated manufacturing equipment for the production and processing of diagnostic devices, such as rapid tests, point-of-care diagnostics, test cartridges and IVD tests.

The company’s innovative systems provide assembly automation, liquid handling and quality inspection solutions for all types of diagnostic test devices, including microfluidic chips and cartridges. Ginolis provides standard products for lateral flow membrane dispensing and rapid test assembly.

Lateral Flow Device Assembly

The Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA) is a standard system for the fully automated assembly and packaging of rapid tests. Built on the Xanthia automation platform, the LFDA brings together intelligent automation and modularity on a desktop scale.


To ensure flawless and high-quality operation a versatile machine vision system is utilized for accurate positioning, defect detection and tolerance monitoring.


The intelligent LFDA solution can assemble different test variants and products on the same line.


Standard modules can be added for multiple test strips, RFID tags, printing, labeling, ultrasonic welding, cap assembly and pouching.

Housing Infeed

The housing bulk infeed module comes standard on all LFDA systems and is capable of handling a wide range of housing types.

Transfer Unit

The multi-functional Intelligent Transfer Unit transfers the components from module to module on magnetic carriers across a glass platform.

Strip Cutting

The strip cutter module utilizes a linear servo motor driven blade to cut strips. The LFDA is available with card magazine or reel infeed.

Press Unit

The assembled lateral flow device is fed through servo driven press unit which has adjustable force and height parameters.

Cap Assembly

Cap assembly module performs the placement and closure of cap onto end of test device. The cap and test device is pressed together using a servo driven press unit.

Quality Inspection

Final quality inspection takes place before packaging. Multiple cameras and dash lights check for component features, correct positioning and proper cassette closure.

3rd Party Integration

Ginolis’ automated solutions, including the LFDA, can be integrated with 3rd party vendor equipment. Options include pouching and kitting machines, labelling, printing, laser marking, laser welding and ultrasonic welding.

Ginger software

Ginolis’ automated solutions are powered by Ginger software. Hardware independent and accessible from any web browser, Ginger provides an intuitive user interface for easy-to-use operation.

Delilah Automation Platform

For liquid handling and laboratory processes, the Delilah automation platform provides multi-functional high accuracy operation within a compact footprint. Delilah is capable of many different applications by inserting different types of tooling that match the specific customer requirements. The productized accessories include grippers for microtiter plates and their lids, test tubes and cassettes.

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Cecilia Dispensing Platform

Cecilia dispenser is a compact non-contact dispensing and aspirating platform. It delivers high precision and accuracy within a compact desktop module.

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PMB Pump Technology

The Ginolis Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump is designed for accurate and repeatable dispensing of nanoliter range volumes. The PMB pump is available in two different models that are differentiated by volume size.


The compact Cecilia dispenser is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including lateral flow membrane striping, microfluidic chip/cartridge printing and micro titer plate liquid handling.


Ginolis’ service offering has you covered from development all the way to validation of diagnostic devices. Our broad technical knowledge base will help optimize your product for manufacturing.

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