Ginolis, the manufacturing solutions provider for diagnostic disposables, and Wegera, an Oulu-based machine and assembly service provider, today announced an agreement under which Ginolis Ltd.’s subsidiary, Ginolis Tools, will acquire the business of Wegera Oy.

“We have worked together with Wegera for a number of years and are very excited about this acquisition.” states Ginolis CEO, Teijo Fabritius. “Going forward, Ginolis Tools will continue to maintain and further develop the customer relationships established by Wegera.”

Following completion of the transaction, Wegera’s Managing Director Veikko Pitkälä will be retiring, and Pekka Raudaskoski will serve as the new Managing Director. Pekka has a vast work experience within the manufacturing industry, which includes roles in training and development, academics and engineering technology. Most recently, Pekka served as JOT Automation’s Quality Manager in Finland. Going forward the company will continue normal operations and adopt the name Ginolis Tools Oy.

Further information:

Teijo Fabritius, CEO
Ginolis Ltd. | +358 40 565 1782 |

Pekka Raudaskoski, Managing Director
Ginolis Tools Oy | +358 40 164 5466 |

About Ginolis:

Ginolis provides automation solutions for manufacturing, laboratories and end-user instruments for medtech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Ginolis also develops customer-specific disposable platform solutions for high-volume applications. The company is privately owned and headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with a subsidiary in Uppsala, Sweden and San Diego, USA.

About Ginolis Tools Oy

Ginolis Tools specializes in high quality machining and assembly of single pieces, small series parts and products for telecom, electronics, life science and production automation companies. The company is privately owned and situated in Oulu, Finland.