The ULTRAPLACAD project (funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme) held its kick off meeting on the 6th of May in Catania, Italy.

The project aims at the development of a compact plasmonic-based device, with integrated microfluidics and functionalized nanostructures, for the detection of DNA, microRNA and tumor autoantibodies cancer biomarkers. Ginolis is a partner in the project that includes multiple industry leaders from across Europe.

“As a company we are actively developing new technologies and we are very excited about the opportunituy to be a part of this innovative project“ says VP of Technology Innovation, Markku Känsäkoski of Ginolis. The ULTRAPLACAD project has a duration of 42 months.

For more information contact:

Mr. Markku Känsäkoski
VP, Technology Innovation
tel. +358 40 545 0903

About Ginolis

Ginolis specializes in developing and providing cost efficient, disposable test platforms combined with automatic manufacturing solutions for the global diagnostic and MedTech industries. The company’s solutions are characterized by high precision, modularity and an ability to handle fluids in nano-scale. The modular approach is based on our proprietary high precision robot and pump technologies, which facilitate the combination of flexibility and accuracy required for diagnostics production. Ginolis holds several patents and licenses for technologies in dispensing, microfluidics, electronic valves, optics and micro fabrication. Established in 2010, Ginolis is privately owned and headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with subsidiaries in Uppsala, Sweden and San Diego, USA.

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