Ginolis Offers PMB Dispensing Pump in Easy-to-Use Starter Kit

Ginolis, a global supplier of innovative automation solutions, is now offering its patented PMB dispensing pump in an easy-to-use starter kit. The Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump provides accurate and repeatable non-contact dispensing of nanoliter range volumes. The basic starter kit includes PMB pump, degasser, tubing, valves and tips. Additional upgrades include drop verification camera, backlight and travel case.

The principle behind the Ginolis PMB pump is a highly accurate piezo motor that is connected to a bellows which is contracted and expanded with the motor. In doing so, the bellows displaces a volume in a closed chamber which is equal to the aspirated or dispensed volume. The advantage of a bellows driven pump is no friction parts. The result is a pump that will have an extremely long-life with no need for replacement seals and other wear material in the aspiration and dispensing cycle. The pump has an integrated pressure sensor which is used for clog and leak detection, detection of air in the fluid lines, pre-pressurizing the pump and automated monitoring of pressure stabilization during pre-dispensing.

The PMB pump is equipped with a solenoid dispensing valve and a ceramic tip to dispense volumes as low as 1 nl.  The Ginolis PMB pump starter kit is a stand-alone solution suitable for academic and R&D environments. The dispensing pumps can also be integrated into custom robotic solutions for on-the-fly spotting, array printing, coating and roll-to-roll dispensing. For more information about PMB pumps and Ginolis’ dispensing solutions, contact