The Ginolis PMBi series dispensing pumps.

Offering flexible, accurate and repeatable dispensing between dose volumes of 1 nanoliter (nL) to 1.5 milliliters (mL).


Standalone adaptation or integrated into a semiautomatic or fully automatic dispensing machine.


Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Waste with Precision Dispensing

In high-stakes industries where every drop counts, the Ginolis PMBi series excels by conserving valuable reagents.

Achieve precise nano and microliter dispensing, significantly reducing the amount of reagent used per production cycle.

While dispensing, the PMBi pump positively displaces the set droplet volume. This allows the calibrated PMBi pump to precisely control the dispensing volume.

This precision not only boosts your profit margins but also maintains the highest quality standards without additional product costs.

Featuring Piezo Motor Bellows technology, our pumps ensure that after initial calibration, no daily adjustments are required, streamlining your operations.

Tailored Dispensing: Contact and Non-Contact

Whether your processes require contact or non-contact dispensing, the PMBi series delivers consistent performance.

We also conduct feasibility studies with your specific reagents to tailor our technology to your exact needs.

Exceptional Chemical Compatibility

The PMBi pump is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of chemicals, from aqueous biochemical buffers to common organic solvents like ethanol and methanol.

If compatibility concerns arise, our dedicated team is on hand to provide expert guidance and solutions.

Adaptive Dispensing for Dynamic Needs

From small-scale labs to full-scale industrial applications, Ginolis provides adaptable dispensing solutions that grow with your business.

The PMBi series allows easy adjustments to dispensing volumes without the need for recalibration, ensuring continuous operation and adaptability to changing production requirements.

Innovative Design for Reduced Costs and Enhanced Performance

Our PMBi pumps are uniquely engineered to adjust dispensing modes and volumes on demand, from 1 nL to 1.5 mL. The system’s design minimizes wear and extends service life, offering a cost-effective solution with no need for daily recalibration.

Compatible with various viscosities and chemical compositions, the PMBi series can be customized with different fluid paths and dispensing nozzles to meet your specific needs. Ginolis’s in-house design expertise ensures that each dispensing system is perfectly tailored to your operational demands.


Optimize with Ginolis: Your Expert in Scalable Dispensing Technology

Elevate your production from R&D to industrial scale effortlessly with Ginolis dispensing systems. Our experts guide you in optimizing dispensing processes, integrating advanced technologies for precision control over temperature, humidity, and quality.

OEM partners benefit from our bespoke calibration and engineering services, ensuring superior performance across all stages of production.

What Our Customers Say About PMBi:

“Our experience with the PMBi dispensing system has transformed our operations. Its user-friendly design minimizes manual intervention, significantly cutting down calibration time and labor costs.”

“The PMBi system not only ensures precise dosing but also aids in meeting stringent regulatory standards. Each pump comes with a calibration certificate, providing assurance of its accuracy and reliability.”


<1% CV (>50 nl)

<3% CV (@50 nl)

<8% (@2.5 nl)

Precision is dependent on the conditions and the liquid in use.

The PMBi pump can be integrated into automation platforms and is also available
in an easy-to-use starter kit.

Integrated pressure sensor for a clog, leak and air in fluid line detection, pump pre-pressurizing, and automated monitoring of pressure stabilization during pre-dispensing.

Bellows system has no friction parts, resulting in a pump with extremely long life and no need for replacement seals.

Dispensing technology

The principle behind the Ginolis PMBi Pump is a highly accurate piezo motor connected to a bellows that is contracted and expanded with the motor. In doing so, the bellows displace a volume in a closed chamber equal to the aspirated or dispensed volume.


The PMBi pump has a solenoid dispensing valve and a ceramic tip to dispense volumes as low as one nanolitre. The dispensing pump displaces a volume of liquid defined by the operator, and the solenoid valve is opened for a short amount of time (100 s of microseconds) to release a drop. The pump can dispense up to 100 drops per second.


  • PMBi Pump starter kit for introductory applications
  • Cecilia dispensing platform for high precision dispensing of reagents and fluids on a compact scale
  • Fully custom solutions based on the Ginolis modular automation platforms and PMB pump technology
  • Individual pumps for integrators

Technical Specifications

Pump volume

  • PMBi 150: 1 nl – 150 μl
  • PMBi 1500: 10 nl – 1500 μl

Dimensions (mm)

127 x 44.5 x 148.5 (HxWxD)


Solenoid valve


  • Bellows: Coated with Parylene
  • Bellows housing: PEEK

Dosing speed

Max. speed 100 doses / sec

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