High precision non-contact liquid handling solutions. From standard products to fully customized systems, Ginolis provides innovative solutions based on its modular automation platforms and patented PMB pump technology.

Pump Technology

Patented PMB (Piezo Motor Bellows) pump technology for high precision dispensing, printing, pipetting, aspirating and coating applications. PMB pumps are available in easy-to-use starter kit or integrated into our automation platforms. 

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Cecilia Dispenser

Extremely accurate non-contact dispensing and aspirating platform. Can be configured with up to four pumps and customizable nest. Ginolis Cecilia delivers high performance liquid handling on a compact scale.

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Custom Dispensing and Printing Solutions

Compact, customer-specific liquid handling solutions for reagent dispensing, array printing, pipetting and surface treatment applications. Modular automation platforms enable high-quality production on a compact scale with machine vision for quality assurance.

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Our service offering has you covered from product development all the way to validation. Ginolis’ broad technical knowledge base will help optimize your manufacturing strategy.

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