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Ginolis LF INFINITY D is a reel-to-reel dispensing solution for lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane. Advanced quality control, intuitive user interface, and extremely high production performance make this compact device ideal for both production and product development purposes.

Intuitive user interface

Ginolis LF INFINITY D has a touch screen user interface and a wizard that guides setting up the system and ending the run, making the machine easy to use. The software supports several languages and includes user management, production recipe management and live QC streaming.

High production performance

The compact LF INFINITY D  has an integrated dryer; therefore, no separate drying facility is needed. As a result, the reel is immediately ready for use, making the process’s overall performance very fast.

Advanced quality control

Ginolis LF INFINITY D has a real-time machine vision for the quality control process; the bad part marker indicates poorly dispensed areas with a black line. The black line has a separate QC. Quality control can be followed from the live stream of the user interface.

Versatile features

This user-friendly device has an adjustable linear membrane speed, dispensing volumes, drying efficiency and quality control parameters. In addition, easy reel change and compact and clean design add extra comfort to using Ginolis LF INFINITY D.

Technical Specifications


Real-time machine vision for quality control with parameter adjustment


Integrated dryer with adjustable drying temperature and fan speed


Continuous membrane striping


Adjustable precision flow control and membrane speed

Reel width

25mm and 35mm nitrocellulose membrane reel widths

Dimensions (mm)

1570x705x615 (WxHxD)

Production performance

Dispensing and drying capability

> 0,6 μL/cm, 150-meter nitrocellulose membrane dispensing and drying in less than 3,5 hours

Maximum membrane speed

50 mm/sec, typically 20 mm/sec

Maximum flow rate/channel

1100 µL/min

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