Cecilia Dispenser

Cecilia dispenser is an extremely accurate, non-contact dispensing and aspirating platform.

Cecilia can be configured with up to four Ginolis PMB pumps and dispensing tips. The platform offers smooth and consistent dispensing of reagents and fluids on a compact scale.

From 1000µl all the way down to nano-liters

  • On-the-fly spotting
  • Array printing
  • Lateral flow membrane striping
  • Microfluidic chip printing
  • Microtiter plate liquid handling



Integrated PMB pump technology provides dispensing volumes from 1000µl down to single nanoliters.



Customizable jig allows for a wide variety of applications including lateral flow membrane striping, microfluidic chip/cartridge printing and micro titer plate liquid handling.


  • Dispensing tip holder and ceramic dispensing tips
  • Customizable jig for targets (slides, micro titer plates, etc.)
  • Degasser
  • Washing station


  • RFID-coded cover for safety and cleanliness
  • Vision systems for quality inspection, positioning programing help and tip calibration
  • Ionizer


  • On-the-fly spotting
  • Lateral flow membrane striping
  • Microfludic chip/cartridge printing
  • Micro titer plate liquid handling
  • Biochips, Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Custom applications

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

  • 345 (W), 810 (D), 700 (H)

Maximum dispensing range (mm)

  • 128 x 434

Z axis range (mm)

  • 115

XY accuracy (mm)

  • +/- 0.01 (absolute)

XY precision (mm)

  • +/- 0.005 (repeatability)

XY speed

  • Up to 1m/s

No. of pumps

  • 1-4

No. of tips

  • 1-4

Dispensing speed

  • Up to 100 drops/s

Operating system

  • Ginolis Ginger

Dispensing pumps

  • Ginolis Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB)

Volume range

  • PMB150Se 1nl - 150 μl
  • PMB1500Se 10nl - 1500 μl