3-D Metrology for automation. Pixie is a standard system for automated optical quality inspection.

Pixie can be configured with 2 to 5 servo driven axis movement and the high-speed measurement capabilities make it suitable for inline and stand-alone solutions.

Ginolis provides a unique combination of flexibility and competence in automation and metrology. Tailor-made software and hardware solutions to meet customer specifications.

Speed and Accuracy

Production speed measurement and analysis for inline quality inspection. Surface topography and intensity can be sampled up to 2.5 kHz at sub micro level.  


Customized automated solutions to meet customer specific needs. Combine with additional motorized stage, pick and place robot or integrated statistical process control (SPC).

Surface Types

Measure all materials and colors; Glossy, matte, mirror-like finishes and curved and multi-layered transparent surfaces.

Applications Possibilities

Dimension measurements for thickness, step height, diameter, positioning, flatness, profile, gap, contour comparison and roughness. Visual defects such as spots, impurities, scratches, air bubbles, voids and foil continuity.