3-D metrology for automation. Ginolis provides innovative and flexible automation solutions with novel optical sensors. The company’s quality inspection solutions are available as stand-alone and inline solutions.

Medical & Diagnostic Device Industry

Ginolis provides a unique combination of flexibility and competence in automation and metrology. Tailor-made software and hardware solutions to meet customer specifications.

Medical Devices

The company’s quality inspection solutions are suitable for a wide variety of applications in the medical device industry from inspecting package seal integrity to dimension measurements for thickness, step height, diameter, positioning, flatness, profile, gap, contour comparison and roughness.

Diagnostic Devices

Ginolis’ combination of robotics and metrology allow for high speed inspection of diagnostic devices and catheters, tubes, needles, and other transparent cylindrical shapes. The company’s solutions can also be utilized to measure and analyze transparent and micro components, microfluidic channels and devices from the diagnostic industry.

Pixie Quality Inspection Platform

Ginolis Pixie is a standard quality inspection system combining the company’s modular Xanthia automation platform with novel optical sensors.

Stand-alone Unit

Pixie can be configured with 2 to 5 servo driven axis movement. Standard configurations include optical sensor, servo controlled XY table, focal height adjustment and software.

Measure all materials and colors, such as glossy, matte, mirror-like finishes and curved and multi-layered transparent surfaces.

Inline Solutions

Ginolis Pixie high speed measurement capabilities make it suitable for inline manufacturing solutions.

Custom solutions based on Ginolis’ automation platforms and Pixie provide high quality assurance on a compact scale.

Consult with our quality inspection specialists to begin a feasibility study to see how Pixie is can address your quality inspection needs.

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