Master’s programme students studying Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Engineering Physics at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, visited Ginolis AB on the 2 December, 2014. They met Mikael Karlsson, QA Manager at Ginolis, who also is a former student in the Materials Engineering programme in the Ångström Laboratory. This year, 43 students on their 4th year are taking the course called “Micro and Nano technology I”,  and study visits to companies are part of the syllabus. During the course, arranged by the Division of Micro Systems Technology part of the Dept. of Engineering Sciences, students are learning the basics in MEMS. Before visiting, the students had learned about silicon micromachining, sensors and actuators. When visiting Ginolis, they learned about techniques for high throughput replication of microstructures into polymer materials and standard equipment used.​

For more information, contact Mikael Karlsson on +46 072 235 3604.