96-Well Microplate Dispensing Solution with Drying Tunnel

Ginolis has designed and manufactured a desktop solution for the high precision dispensing and drying of standard 96-well microplates.

The automated solution utilizes Ginolis’ Delilah robotic platform, Piezo Motor Actuated Bellows (PMB) pumps and intelligent conveyor system.

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Dispensing Solution for Microfluidic Device Manufacturing

Ginolis developed a high quality and cost efficient dispensing solution for microfluidic devices using the Delilah robotic platform and patented Piezo motor actuated bellows pumps, Ginolis PMB.

The dispensing solution meets the most demanding manufacturing requirements in terms of dispensing speed and precision.

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Automated Coating Solution for Plastic Capillary Tubes

Ginolis developed an automated coating line that applies a hydrophilic solution to a small plastic capillary tube used for collecting blood from a patient.

The solution is cured with UV light and the process is verified using automated visual inspection.

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Automated Production Solution for Insulin Pump Cartridge

Ginolis designed and developed a comprehensive production line for the micro assembly of pump cartridge for diabetes insulin pump.

The desktop production solution is based on Ginolis’ modular automation platforms with machine vision for quality assurance. Watch video

Dispensing Solution for Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Manufacturing

Ginolis provided a Delilah dispenser equiped with PMB pumps for the high precision dispensing of bioactive materials on roll-to-roll manufacturing line.

VTT Printed Electronics, also known as PrintoCent Pilot Factory, provides open access to world class manufacturing infrastructure. Watch video.