Revolutionizing the manufacturing of medical, diagnostic, disposable, and microfluidic devices.

Established in 2010, Ginolis is headquartered in Oulu, Finland. The company is privileged to work in co-operation with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies.

Improved supply chain productivity & flexibility

Through long term partnerships with Ginolis, our customers can improve their supply chain productivity and flexibility by utilizing modular desktop automation in the manufacturing of medical, diagnostic disposable, and microfluidic devices.


Our values

Justice & Equality

We respect each other and treat everybody fairly.

Technology & Innovation

We believe in technology, innovation, teamwork and good business management.

Speed & Flexibility

We work fast and flexibly without compromising quality.

Truth & Transparency

We keep our promises and always tell the truth.

Want to join us? We are looking for talent!

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Our Story

Established in Oulu, Finland

Global Innovation Network (GIN) is founded in Oulu, Finland.



Headquarters opened in Oulunsalo

Delilah is launched

Modular desktop automation platform Delilah is launched.



First major delivery

First major delivery: Automated reagent dispensing line to Fiomi Diagnostics (now Trinity Biotech). PMB nanolitre dispensing pump is launched.

Acquisition and name change

GIN acquires Sigolis (est. 2007) Sweden for microfluidic technology IPR. Global Innovation Network (GIN) changes name to Ginolis



Expand to USA

Ginolis expands to North America and opens an office in San Diego, USA. Major delivery: Fully automated production line for Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pumps.

Product launch

Launch and first delivery of revolutionizing Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA) system.



Ginolis expands to Asia

Ginolis expands to China and opens an office in Suzhou.

Product launch

Launch of Pixie, a standard system for automated optical quality inspection.



Distribution agreement and product launch

Ginolis and MDS (Japan) sign a distributor agreement. Ginolis launches a new model of the high precision PMBi dispensing pump. Ginolis expands to the US east coast.

Product launch

Launch of LFDA-1, a semi-automated assembly solution for lateral flow devices.



Ginolis becomes part of CELLINK Group

Since March 2021 we are a proud and happy part of the CELLINK family and we are on the road to success constantly looking for new team members. In August 2021, CELLINK became BICO Group.