Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) Pump

Patented Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump technology for high precision dispensing, printing, pipetting, aspirating and coating applications. PMB pumps are available in an easy-to-use starter kit or integrated into our automation platform.

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Cecilia Dispenser

Extremely accurate non-contact dispensing and aspirating platform. Can be configured with up to four pumps and customizable nest. Ginolis Cecilia delivers high performance liquid handling on a compact scale.

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Lateral Flow Device Assembly System

Revolutionizing the rapid test market, the Ginolis LFDA provides manufacturers flexible production capacity on a compact scale. Assemble multiple devices on one system with minimal changeover time.

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Pixie Quality Inspection

3-D Metrology for automation. Pixie is a standard system for high speed automated optical quality inspection. Suitable for wide variety of medical device and diagnostic components, including difficult to measure colors and materials, such as glossy, matte and transparent surfaces.

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Delilah Automation Platform

Multifunctional automation platform for diagnostic test manufacturing and laboratory processes. Ginolis Delilah increases process productivity by introducing multi-functional high accuracy operation within a compact footprint.

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Ginger Software

Higher level object-oriented script language with real-time engine (PLC) and editor (IDE).¬†Ginolis’ automated solutions are operated and controlled with our Ginger software platform.

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Fastlap Quality Inspection

Fastlap is a fast, accurate and fully automated inspection unit for syringes, pipette tips, vials or tubes. Configurable for up to 12,000 units per hour and clean room environments.

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Xanthia Automation Platform

Modular desktop automation platform for the automated production and processing of micro components and medical device products. Innovative transfer unit system provides fast and controllable movement of components through production line.

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