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Ginolis LF INFINITY D is a reel-to-reel dispensing solution for lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane.

Ginolis PMBi Pump

Ginolis PMBi Pump for high precision liquid dispensing.

Automated Lateral Flow Device Assembly Solutions

The revolutionary Lateral Flow Device Assembly solution combines intelligent automation and modularity on a desktop scale. It provides manufacturers flexible rapid test production capacity within a desktop footprint.

Micro Assembly Automation

Automated manufacturing solution for Tandem Diabetes Care. The micro assembly line is based on Ginolis’ Savannah desktop automation platform.

Ginolis LFDA-6

Ginolis LFDA-6 is a standard system for fully automated assembly of lateral flow devices.

Pixie Automated Quality Inspection Solutions

3-D Metrology for automation – Pixie is a standard system for automated optical quality inspection.

Diagnostic Cartridge Production Automation

Fully automated manufacturing line for the production of diagnostic test cartridges. The production line is built on Ginolis’ Xanthia automation platform providing high quality operation within a small footprint.

Fastlap Quality Inspection

Ginolis Fastlap is a fast, accurate and fully automated inspection unit for syringes, pipette tips, vials and tubes. It’s able to process up to 12 000 units per hour with contamination detection down to 0,1 mm2.

Ginolis LFDA-5

Ginolis LFDA is a solution for multi-product rapid test manufacturing, with barcoding, additional kitting and an integrated pouching system.

Precise Quality

Ginolis specializes in assembly automation, high precision liquid dispensing and quality inspection solutions for the global medical device and diagnostics industries.

Delilah Quality Control Inspection

The Ginolis Delilah™ robotic platform offers endless application possibilities including quality control inspection. The multi-functional high accuracy platform increases process productivity through it’s compact modular size. The Delilah™ robot can be used as a stand-alone device or 100% walk-away fully robotic automation solution.

Ginolis LFDA-1

Ginolis LFDA-1 is a standard system for semi-automated assembly of lateral flow devices.

LFDA and the Modular Xanthia Automation Platform

Ginolis Lateral Flow Device Assembly solutions provide manufacturers cost effective production of high quality rapid tests. Based on the modular Xanthia platform, the LFDA product family can be easily customized for multiple test strips, labelling, printing, RFID tags and many other applications.

High Precision Reagent Dispensing

Ginolis is a leading global supplier of automation solutions for the life sciences sector. The company specializes in high precision modular solutions which facilitate the combination of flexibility and accuracy needed with the diagnostic industry.

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