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Introducing CEO Ginolis

Kauko Väinämö has been appointed as CEO of Ginolis Oy from September 1, 2022. Kauko has more than 30 years of solid knowledge in strategic leadership, having managed factories and R&D organizations in various technology sectors. In addition, he has substantial experience working with several boards of directors. From the roles of an entrepreneur to sales director to CEO, he has worked in different duties internationally, among other things, for example, Sales director EMEA & LATAM in Tektronix Communications as part of Danaher group in the USA and for Bittium as Senior Vice President of Radio Network Solutions Business unit.

“I’m starting my new responsibilities with enthusiasm. This job combines my work experience and my original education in robotic automation and medical technology. It’s really interesting to be part of the BICO group, which aims, e.g., to speed up drug development, reduce organ shortage and end animal testing.”, says Kauko Väinämö, the Ginolis CEO.

The former CEO of Ginolis, Teijo Fabritius, will continue supporting Ginolis in sales and technology business development until his retirement at the end of April 2023.

Introducing Kaiku: New Data Insights in Manufacturing

Ginolis is proud to announce the launch of Kaiku, a groundbreaking software designed to provide unparalleled insights into manufacturing processes. Kaiku represents a significant leap forward in data analytics and process optimization.

A Journey of Innovation and Transformation

A Journey of Innovation and Transformation

Ginolis has undergone a significant internal transformation, prompting a strategic reassessment of our brand identity to align with our current operation and customer segments. This evolution has strengthened our position in the market and enabled us to meet our customers’ evolving needs.   

Ramping up production in crisis times

A global pandemic presents many challenges for diagnostic device manufacturers, especially those dependent on traditional manufacturing processes that are not conducive to the social distancing

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