Dispensing Solution for Microfluidic Point of Care Device Manufacturing

Ginolis has developed an elegant and cost efficient dispensing solution for microfluidic devices using the Delilah robotic platform and piezo motor actuated bellows pumps, Ginolis PMB. The dispensing solution  satisfies even the most demanding manufacturing requirements in terms of dispensing speed and precision. Our PMB pumps are equipped with solenoid valves in order to reach 2 nl aliquots with less than 7% CV – all this 50 times in a second!

The Solution Setup

The carriers for microfluidic devices are loaded on the Ginolis Rotary Table that is easily customizable for different carriers or the microfluidic devices themselves. The loading can happen manually or automatically. The rotation table moves the carrier plates with a customised gripper that is the only customised part together with the carrier plate´s adapter plate. The rotary table uses a vacuum gripper for secure contact with the carrier plate and moves the plate onto a specified position on the deck of the Ginolis Delilah robotic platform. 

Utilizing the same Ginolis Rotary Table for loading and unloading is proof of the functional advantages of Ginolis’ modular platform approach.

The Ginolis Delilah robotic platform is equipped with a machine vision system, and in this case with two cameras for exact dispensing positioning, quality control and storing of individual microfluidic device ID’s. The role of these platforms is to take the carrier plate (with microfluidic devices) from the position where it’s been moved by the rotation table, move the microfluidic devices (on the carrier plate) under the stationary dispensing tip for dispensing and move them to the drying station for the drying sequence before another dispensing sequence takes place. 

After the required dispensing sequence is completed the Ginolis Delilah robot moves carrier plates onto desk for the gripper of the Ginolis Rotary Table to pick up and stack. After stacking the plates are manually collected by an operator.

The dispensing solution is shown in above image The peristaltic pumps are used for tip washing and waste removal.  The dispensing pumps are modular units that are placed on a specific rack. The rack supports the “build as you go” approach i.e. it’s possible to add new pumps according to need.

Ginolis PMB pumps are especially designed for low volume dispensing as stated in the first paragraph of this white paper. Naturally it’s very easy to integrate other pumps, if the dispensing volumes require it. Additionally it’s possible to have a mix of pumps in case the needed dispensing volumes differ greatly from each other.

Introducing Kaiku: New Data Insights in Manufacturing

Ginolis is proud to announce the launch of Kaiku, a groundbreaking software designed to provide unparalleled insights into manufacturing processes. Kaiku represents a significant leap forward in data analytics and process optimization.

A Journey of Innovation and Transformation

A Journey of Innovation and Transformation

Ginolis has undergone a significant internal transformation, prompting a strategic reassessment of our brand identity to align with our current operation and customer segments. This evolution has strengthened our position in the market and enabled us to meet our customers’ evolving needs.   

Introducing CEO Ginolis

Appointment news

Kauko Väinämö has been appointed as CEO of Ginolis Oy from September 1, 2022. Kauko has more than 30 years of solid knowledge in strategic leadership, having managed factories and R&D organizations in various technology sectors.

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