Ginolis featured in the information matrix documentary hosted by Laurence Fishburne

During the following twelve months, Ginolis is featured in the Information Matrix documentary hosted by Laurence Fishburne. The documentary has been distributed to nearly 200 Public Television stations throughout the U.S.

To watch the Ginolis documentary and the commercial, please visit our YouTube channel.

The commercial:

The documentary:

Focus on production automation

Technology drives healthcare more than any other force, and in order to stay flexible and modular in an ever-changing world, companies are focusing on automation. Ginolis is committed to revolutionizing the manufacturing of medical devices with its high-quality automation platforms.

The global diagnostic industry has begun to transfer towards automated production and digitalized services, and Ginolis aims to be one of the leading global systems suppliers to enable that shift.

Ginolis’ production automation solutions are characterized by high quality, precision, and modularity. We provide compact, scalable solutions that combine flexibility and precision required.

POC diagnostic in the heart of modern healthcare industry development

Healthcare has changed dramatically with the development of point-of-care testing and diagnosis. Centralized laboratories are decreasing, and diagnostics is shifting towards a more individual level, having a reducing effect on healthcare costs.

The point-of-care diagnostic is an essential part of the development of the modern healthcare industry; the diagnostic testing is carried out right where the patient is, and the results are available immediately, speeding up getting the diagnosis and treatment.

Automation creates the excess capacity to expand production without the need to increase the workforce.

Automation is needed to guarantee the quality of the point-of-care tests; with advanced production automation technology, the manufacturers have a more systematic approach to ensure a better quality of the tests.

With Ginolis automation solutions, the manufacturers can cut their costs by increasing their capacity – better quality is achieved at a smaller price.

Increasing of point-of-care testing in diagnostics has a significant impact on society’s well-being, as the availability of tests to end customers is improving, and people get faster the test results and treatment.

Information Matrix

Information Matrix is an award-winning educational television series highlighting the evolution of education, medicine, science, technology, and industry through inspiring stories. Optimizing a uniquely positioned distribution platform, the program boasts an award-winning creative development team with hundreds of cumulative years of production experience. With a specialized approach, the program serves as a premier educational content provider and inspires audiences with incredible stories about the changes taking place throughout the world. The program is hosted by esteemed actor and philanthropist Laurence Fishburne.

Introducing Kaiku: New Data Insights in Manufacturing

Ginolis is proud to announce the launch of Kaiku, a groundbreaking software designed to provide unparalleled insights into manufacturing processes. Kaiku represents a significant leap forward in data analytics and process optimization.

A Journey of Innovation and Transformation

A Journey of Innovation and Transformation

Ginolis has undergone a significant internal transformation, prompting a strategic reassessment of our brand identity to align with our current operation and customer segments. This evolution has strengthened our position in the market and enabled us to meet our customers’ evolving needs.   

Introducing CEO Ginolis

Appointment news

Kauko Väinämö has been appointed as CEO of Ginolis Oy from September 1, 2022. Kauko has more than 30 years of solid knowledge in strategic leadership, having managed factories and R&D organizations in various technology sectors.

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