Introducing Kaiku: New Data Insights in Manufacturing

Ginolis is proud to announce the launch of Kaiku, a groundbreaking software designed to provide unparalleled insights into manufacturing processes. Kaiku represents a significant leap forward in data analytics and process optimization.

Ian Walker, Key Account Manager and Project Manager at Ginolis brings his customer experience to the development of Kaiku. His role in overseeing customer accounts and projects has been instrumental in identifying the need for a comprehensive data solution like Kaiku. According to Ian, “Kaiku gives Ginolis many insights into how the machines are performing in the customer environment.”

On the development side, Ilkka Sormunen, a seasoned software developer with a decade of experience at Ginolis, spearheaded the creation of Kaiku, “The goal was clear: to provide Ginolis’ customers with more detailed information about their machines’ performance and to offer traceability and comprehensive statistical data to drive informed decision-making.”

The journey to Kaiku began two years ago, with six pilot customers participating in its development and testing. The first customer installation started in May last year, marking a significant milestone in Ginolis’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Kaiku’s key features include robust traceability capabilities, allowing Ginolis to collect data from all process steps and link it directly to the product under development. It includes capturing quality control images, tracking production parameters, and recording machine data to facilitate predictive maintenance.

One of the standout features of Kaiku is its ability to collect patch data, providing valuable insights into production yield, output rates, quality control measurements, and environmental conditions. This data empowers Ginolis and its customers to proactively address issues before they escalate, which increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Ginolis plans to integrate Kaiku into all new machines and retrofit it onto existing machines already in the field. For Ginolis’ customers, Kaiku represents a game-changer in manufacturing efficiency, predictive maintenance, and traceability. t gives customers more statistic information of how the machines are performing. As Ian Walker notes, “The productive side of things is going to be useful for us. It’ll be nice to get in front of that curve a little bit and provide the customer with accurate data about what their machines are doing.”

With Kaiku, Ginolis continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that drive operational excellence and empower manufacturers to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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