The new Ginolis House arises in Kempele Vihikari

Press release
Oulu, Finland
18 Oct 2021 09:00 EET for immediate release

Ginolis, a BICO company, today announced that it is building a new head office in the Kempele Vihikari business area. The “Ginolis House” project began construction in early October and is estimated to be completed in early summer 2022.

The decision to build the new facilities came after extensive growth from Ginolis in the last few years. With the construction of the Ginolis house, the company will now have more than 3,500 square meters of space, including comprehensive production facilities, office space, and a showroom.

“The new Ginolis House enables the future growth of our company and supports our operations as a provider of various services and products,” said Teijo Fabritius, CEO of Ginolis Oy. “With the new premises, in addition to our current operations, we can implement a completely new kind of service concept.”

The new and modern Ginolis House also include cleanroom facilities, allowing the company to incorporate the NPI (New Product Introduction) process into Ginolis’ renewed service concept. In practice, this means that the company is involved in the product development and pre-production of the customer’s final product. As a result, the method brings additional economic benefits to the customer by reducing investment pressures in the early stages of production.

 “Ginolis House is a significant investment for the future of our company and also helps us create new jobs, especially in the Oulu region,” continued Fabritius. “We are very pleased to have found this construction site in Kempele, Vihikari, as the location is convenient for us due to good transport connections.”

Teijo Fabritius, CEO of Ginolis Oy, is satisfied with the start of construction work on the new Ginolis House. The project will enable the company to develop both as a service provider and as a regional employer.

The new Ginolis House will strengthen the region’s high-tech competence centre and has support from the local government, including the mayor of Kempele. The Vihikari area currently has about 1,000 jobs, especially in information and communication technology.

“Ginolis Oy’s project is very significant for the Vihikari business area and the entire municipality of Kempele,” said Tuomas Lohi, the mayor of Kempele. “The companies are the backbone of the municipality’s vitality, so it’s great that Ginolis found a suitable property in our area.”

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Ginolis is a global provider of high-quality assembly automation, liquid dispensing, and quality control solutions for the medical, lateral flow, and microfluidics device industries. From standard products to fully customized systems, Ginolis offers an extensive range of innovative solutions based on its compact, scalable, and modular automation platforms. Ginolis is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in the UK, USA, China, Estonia, and Sweden. Ginolis was founded in 2010. In March 2021, Ginolis became part of the BICO Group. To learn more, please visit our Ginolis website

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