Lateral Flow Device Manufacturing Solutions

We provide production automation solutions for lateral flow device manufacturing. Our standard modules give you the flexibility to make a wide range of products without compromising quality, with a single automation line taking a minimal footprint in your cleanroom.

Products and Solutions

Lateral Flow Device Assembly System

Ginolis LFDA Family

Revolutionizing the rapid test market, the Ginolis LFDA provides manufacturers flexible production capacity on a compact scale.

Ginolis LFDA-1

Ginolis LFDA-1

Standard system for semi-automated assembly of rapid tests.

Ginolis Pixie

Ginolis Pixie is standard system for automated optical quality inspection enabling high through put on all materials and surfaces.


Ginolis LF INFINITY D is a reel-to-reel dispensing solution for lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane.

Why to choose Ginolis diagnostic disposable manufacturing solutions?

Compact size

Our unique desktop automation approach takes a smaller footprint compared to traditional automation, saving valuable space in your production facilities.

Man handling medical device machinery

Modular design

Our modular production automation solutions are easy to reconfigure to meet your changing needs, whether you need to redesign the process or replace your entire product. We build our customer-specific solutions on a standard platform, which brings you even more, benefit in terms of lead time and validation.

Modular Design

Scalable solution

Our scalable solutions allow you to invest first in critical processes and scale your production as the volume grows. With our solution, you can increase production by multiplying processes that have become a bottleneck for production capacity.