Products & automation solutions

From standard products to fully customized systems, we offer an extensive range of production automation solutions for lateral flow device manufacturing, medical device manufacturing and microfluidic device manufacturing.

Lateral Flow Device Manufacturing Microfluidic device manufacturing Medical device manufacturing
Lateral Flow Device Assembly System

Ginolis LFDA Family

Revolutionizing the rapid test market, the Ginolis LFDA provides manufacturers flexible production capacity on a compact scale.

Ginolis LFDA-1

Ginolis LFDA-1

Standard system for semi-automated assembly of rapid tests.

Ginolis Pixie

Ginolis Pixie is standard system for automated optical quality inspection enabling high through put on all materials and surfaces.


Ginolis LF INFINITY D is a reel-to-reel dispensing solution for lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane.

Cecilia-L Dispenser

Extremely accurate non-contact dispensing and aspirating platform. Can be configured with up to four pumps and a customizable nest. Ginolis Cecilia delivers high performance liquid handling on a compact scale.

PMBi pump

PMBi Dispensing Pump

Patented PMBi (Piezo Motor Bellows) pump technology for high precision dispensing, printing, pipetting, aspirating and coating applications.

Bulk and component feeders, QC and grippers, Xanthia, Robotics modules.

The materials to be cut determine the types and processes of cutters to be used.

Dispensing, aspirating, array printing, pipetting and membrane striping.

Laser and ultrasonic welding, glueing and heat sealing.

Printing, labeling and laser marking.

Machine vision, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and testing.

Climate chamber, Vacuum chamber, Temperature and air blow and UV curing.

Plasma, Spray coating, UV curing and Dispensing.

Pouching, Kitting, Thermoforming, Desiccant, pipette and lancet feeding etc.