Ginolis LFDA-1

Ginolis LFDA-1 (Lateral Flow Device Assembly) is a standard system for semi-automated assembly of lateral flow devices.

Lateral Flow Device Assembly

The affordable price, easy commissioning, and short delivery time provide a quick and smooth start to your rapid test production.

With the LFDA-1, you can produce up to 24 parts per minute, taking less than 2,5 m² (less than 26 f²) footprint in your cleanroom.

Assembly system for lateral flow devices

Up to 20 parts per minute

Modular integration


Easy commissioning

Fast delivery

System layout

  • Manual feeding of the cassette bottom and top
  • Automated strip cut & place –  the robot places top plastic
  • Cassette press and quality control

Functional description

  1. The cassette bottoms and tops are manually fed to the conveyor by the operator.
  2. The strip cutter cuts the strip and inspects its quality.
  3. The scara robot places the strip on the cassette bottom.
  4. The vision system inspects the direction of the strip.
  5. The robot places the top cassette at the bottom.
  6. The press unit closes the cassette top and bottom
  7. The quality control unit performs the final inspection of the finished product.
  8. Quality-approved products are ready for use.
  9. Failed products are dropped to the reject bin

Technical Specifications


Up to 20 ppm , depending on machine configuration 

Card infeed

Automatic strip cutting and magazine buffer for laminated cards

Card length

300-500 mm

Strip length

40 – 98 mm


Manual bottom and cover feeding

Plastic parts

  • Width 15 – 40 mm
  • Length 50 – 110 mm


  • 230/110V 10A
  • 6 bar (150 l/min)

Optional features

  • Strip width QC
  • Strip Bad mark automatic reject
  • Press force adjustable 0-1000 N
  • Integrated pressing height measurement during pressing

Fast tracking automated lateral flow production – working with LFDA-1

Watch our informative webinar recording on how the LFDA-1 system can automate medical device manufacturing to ensure the uninterrupted production of vital diagnostic tools when they are needed most.

Learn more about the LFDA-1 automated production system:

  • User-friendliness – Smaller footprint and intuitive software
  • Great for start-ups – Short delivery time, lower costs and quick ROI
  • Reliability – Advanced technology eliminates human error
  • Ramp up production capacity – 10x faster than manual assembly

Hosted by Shane Maher, General Manager, Ginolis US and Chris Tranter, Managing Director, Ginolis UK

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