Ginolis LFDA-6

Ginolis Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA) is a standard system for a fully automated assembly and packaging of rapid tests.

Flexible, Intelligent, and Modular

The flexible setup, modularity, and intelligent design provide you with an efficient assembly process.

Quality assurance

Compact size

Modular integration

Our standard LFDA solution is capable of assembling different test variants and products on the same line.
Vision guided robot operation and quality inspection ensure high quality.
Additional cells for multiple test strips, RFID tags, printing, labeling, ultrasonic welding, cap assembly and pouching.

Main features

  • Machine vision guided infeed of materials
  • Strip cutter with card magazine or reel infeed
  • Vision guided component placement, strip cutting and assembly ensure consistent high quality
  • Quick product changeover due to minimal product specific parts
  • Compact design saves valuable space in clean room environments

Other configurations

LFDA can be easily expanded to include modules for multiple test strips, RFID tags, printing, labeling, laser marking, cap assembly, ultrasonic welding and pouching

Housing infeed

The housing bulk infeed module comes standard with all LFDA systems. It is capable of handling a wide range of housing types.


The bulk feeder mechanism provides controlled and monitored infeed of housings with a customizable buffer.


Machine vision inspection ensures each housing fits the quality control requirements before it is placed on the carrier for transfer to the next cell.

Intelligent transfer unit

Components advance along the LFDA system on the Ginolis intelligent transfer system.


The multi-functional system transfers the components from module to module on magnetic carriers across a glass platform.


With minimal exposed and moving parts, the intelligent transfer system is easy to clean and has low maintenance.

Strip cutting and assembly

The strip cutter module utilizes a linear servo motor driven blade to cut the strips. LFDA is available with a card magazine or a reel infeed.


Vision guidance system checks for bad marked material, ensures precise strip width and the presence of pads before placement.


For test devices with more than one strip, additional strip cutting modules can be easily integrated to system.

Press unit

The assembled lateral flow device is fed through a servo driven press unit which has adjustable press force and height parameters.


After the successful cassette closure, the test device is transferred via the intelligent transfer system to the final quality inspection station.

Quality inspection

The LFDA system carries out the  final quality inspection before packaging.


Multiple cameras and dash lights check the component features, correct positioning and proper cassette closure.


Failed test devices are removed from assembly line automatically. Additional options include the fluorescence light check.

Cap assembly

Cap assembly module carries out the placement and closure of the cap to the end of the test device.


The cap and test device is pressed together using a servo driven press unit.


The cap assembly module comes standard with the bulk component infeed.

Ginger control system

  • Ginger – desktop automation software
  • Embedded industrial PC (Win 7 Pro, Windows 10 IoT)
  • GIN UX tablet user interface
  • Machine vision system
  • Supports multiple languages

3rd party equipment

Ginolis LFDA solutions can be integrated with 3rd party vendor equipment.


Options include pouching and kitting machines, labeling, printing, laser marking and ultrasonic welding.

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