PMBi Dispensing Pump

The patented Ginolis PMBi (Piezo Motor Bellows) pump technology provides high precision, non-contact liquid handling.

From 1000 µl all the way down to nanoliters

The PMBi pump is designed for accurate and repeatable dispensing of nanoliter range volumes.


The PMBi pump is available in two different models that are differentiated by the volume size.

<1% CV (>50 nl)

<3% CV (@50 nl)

<8% (@2.5 nl)

Precision is dependent on the conditions and the liquid in use.

From 1500 μl down to single nL. The PMBi pump can be integrated into automation platforms and is also available in an easy-to-use starter kit.

Integrated pressure sensor for detecting clogs, leaks and air in fluid line, pump pre-pressurizing, and automated monitoring of pressure stabilization during pre-dispensing.

PMB bellows system has no friction parts and is, thus, a pump with extremely long life and no need for replacement seals.

Dispensing technology

The basis of the Ginolis PMBi Pump is the highly accurate piezo motor that is connected to a bellows it contracts and expands. In doing so, the bellows displaces the volume in a closed chamber that is equal to the aspirated or dispensed volume.


The PMBi pump is equipped with a solenoid dispensing valve and a ceramic tip to dispense volumes as low as 1 nl. The dispensing pump displaces the volume of liquid defined by the user. The solenoid valve is opened for a short amount of time (100s of microseconds) to release a drop. The pump can dispense up to 100 drops per second.


  • PMBi Pump starter kit for introductory applications
  • Cecilia dispensing platform for high precision dispensing of reagents and fluids on a compact scale
  • Fully custom solutions based on the Ginolis modular automation platforms and PMB pump technology
  • Individual pumps for integrators

Technical Specifications

Pump volume

  • PMBi 150: 1 nl – 150 μl
  • PMBi 1500: 10 nl – 1500 μl

Dimensions (mm)

127 x 44.5 x 148.5 (HxWxD)


Solenoid valve


  • Bellows: Coated with Parylene
  • Bellows housing: PEEK

Dosing speed

Max. speed 100 doses / sec

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